Upstate SC Railroad audio server.

Upstate SC Railroad audio server is located 750' above sea level near Mt. Whitaker (Blacksburg SC).
A 70' guyed tower 3 miles from NS Piedmont mainline supports a 5 element collinear VHF antenna.
Dedicated audio from Motorola Spectra radios connect to separate inputs at Barix Instreamer.

Railroad audio from upstate SC and areas of Cleveland, Gaston counties in NC received:
  • [AAR56] 160.950 NS Road
  • [AAR09] 160.245 NS Channel 2 Dispatcher
  • [AAR48] 160.830 NS Channel 2 Crew
  • [AAR32] 160.590 CSX Road (ex-SCL Charlotte Subdvision)
  • [AAR59] 160.995 CSX Dispatcher (ex-SCL Charlotte Subdivision)
  • [AAR84] 161.370 CSX Dispatcher (ex-Clinchfield)
  • Reception of channels listed below may be intermittent due to distance and conditions:
  • [AAR39] 160.695 CSX Dispatcher
  • [AAR54] 160.920 CSX Dispatcher
  • [AAR58] 160.980 CSX Dispatcher
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