2000 Mercedes E430 4Matic

Photos of front bearing, lower ball joint, and half-shaft replacement.

One photo shows inboard inner race and areas where spalling occurred on left side. Lower ball joints, bearings, and half shafts were replaced during repairs.

A press is required for removal and installation of wheel bearing. One bearing on each side, part numbers are the same. A piece of EMT conduit was used on the torsion bar so lower control arm could be moved to allow clearance for half-shaft removal and installation. The lower control arm was moved downward with a rolling wedge bar.

Be sure to remove the 17mm nut past the locking crimps before separating top ball joint from bearing housing arm. A 5mm hex key is useful when removing lower ball joint. The bearing housing interior was polished with a brass wire wheel. The snap ring groove was also cleaned with wire wheel. Anti-sieze compound was used on hub protusion where rotor rests.

Metric sockets and wrenches up to 27mm were used. A 5mm hex key, T40, T45 Torx were used in addition to a pair of large snap ring pliers.

Right side half shaft separated while trying to remove unit. Snap ring was stiff and couldn't get a grip on the axle housing to pull out of differential. Used two hose clamps and a piece of sandpaper to make a puller. Ends of "handle" were bent back over the clamp around housing. One good yank (with gloves) and it came out.

Photo of circuit card is power window, trunk and mirror control. Corrosion from an unknown liquid spill is shown. Previous owner stated windows didn't work. Circuit card was given a thorough cleaning with contact cleaner. Windows worked properly for a while. Intermittent operation followed before complete failure again. Bought a used circuit card from a salvage yard in the UK.
Have had no more problems from the console mounted circuit card.